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Youth Network for African Integration

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  • Réseau de Jeunes pour l'Intégration Africaine

    • Centre Culturel Saint Augustin, Sokodé, Togo
  • www.integration.frerebenoit.net

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Promote African integration and diversity in an intercultural interreligious, interethnic, and international dynamics.


The Youth Network for African Integration was set up in 2011 in Bamako during the 3rd edition of the interreligious African integration trips, by the Augustinians of the Assumption, in collaboration with African youth and an interfaith and interreligious team of trainers.

IRD Activities

  • African Integration Interfaith Trips

    In order to promote the human and religious dimension of African integration, the RJIA organises interfaith trips. Through these trips, the RJIA aims to promote West African integration, creating forums of exchange between young people, developing in them a culture of interreligious and interfaith dialogue in the service of peace and solidarity, fighting against discrimination based on sex, religion, national and ethnic origin, and promoting respect for the human and spiritual values ​​of the peoples without distinction. Participants, aged 18-35, come from Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana etc. They are Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Atheists, and Animists.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Togo - Burkina Faso - Benin - Mali - Ivory Coast - Senegal