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ZIID Zurich Institute for Interreligious Dialogue

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  • ZIID Zürcher Institut für interreligiösen Dialog

    • Pfingstweidstrasse 16, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland
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Promote knowledge about religions in order to facilitate the interreligious dialogue in a multicultural society; provide a place to learn with and from each other; advocate learning and knowledge in order to dispel prejudice and make room for understanding and appreciation to thrive, which in turn constitutes opportunities for the acceptance of differences.


As an educational establishment, ZIID has been devoted to promoting an ongoing dialogue since 1993. Until 2015, The ZIID Zurich Institut for Interreligious Dialogue was known as Zürcher Lehrhaus.

IRD Activities

  • Knowledge Transfer and Educational Activities

    As an educational establishment, the ZIID Zurich Institut for interreligious Dialogue has been devoted to promoting an ongoing dialogue. It provides a platform for people of different origins to study Jewish, Christian and Islamic culture, religion, history, and contemporary developments, thus learning from and with each other. Learning and knowledge help to dispel prejudice and make room for understanding and appreciation to thrive, which in turn constitutes opportunities for the acceptance of differences. The work of the ZIID focuses mainly on basic texts (Jewish and Christian bible, Qur’an/Koran) and their exegeses in the respective religious communities, history and culture with a view to a better understanding of one’s own as well as that of others, educational efforts as well as promoting and supporting dialog initiatives which allow people to meet each other and facilitate everyday contacts in towns and villages

  • Counseling and Assistance

    ZIID is providing counseling and assistance for individuals, companies and groups with special interests. Furthermore, schools, government institutions, parishes and communities were given advice and training on the topic of interreligious coexistence

  • Dialogue Initiatives and Events

    ZIID initiates events that serve mutual learning. In 2016, it organized more than fifty courses, lectures, conferences, tours and travels as well as numerous open events such as 'ZIID over lunch' or professional speeches given by leaders from politics, churches and society

  • Publications

    ZIID experts shared their knowledge in numerous professional publications and interviews as well as on our platform and social media. Through ZIID's publications, news contributions on the website, social media and partner communication, ZIID significantly raised the interest of the public in regards to interreligious dialogue

  • Networking

    ZIID is involved in numerous networks as well as projects with partner organizations. One of these projects is the European Abrahamic Forum (EAF). It was founded on the initiative of the ZIID Zurich Institute for Interreligious Dialogue (formerly Zürcher Lehrhaus) for the promotion of the dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims. The European Abrahamic Forum (EAF) aims at encouraging interfaith / intercultural dialogue, imparting the necessary interfaith / intercultural competence, offering a platform for the exchange of ideas to regional Abrahamic forums, in collaboration with its partners, contributing to form a European network for interfaith / intercultural understanding, and thereby promoting the very necessary interfaith / intercultural dialogue.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

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