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Women in Diplomacy

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Women in Diplomacy

A KAICIID Women’s Voices Series Webinar in collaboration with Tanenbaum and women from their Peacemakers in Action Network

In celebration and acknowledgement of the UN International Day of Women in Diplomacy on 24 June 2023, this webinar shall highlight women grassroots peace activists who started by building peace within their own communities and eventually made their way to diplomacy and/or government roles. They are uniquely positioned to understand the local dynamics of the conflicts they seek to transform. Participants on the panel include religiously motivated peace actors.

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KAICIID’s “Women’s Voices” webinar series, addresses crosscutting themes of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.  Women in Diplomacy is the 2nd of the 2023 three-part series.  An article was published in September last year around the 2022 series.

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From Date
July 20, 2023
To Date
July 20, 2023
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3:00 pm
Event Organizer
Coorganised between KAICIID International Dialogue Centre and the Tanenbaum Centre for Interreligious Understanding
Type of Event
Online Event (webinar, panel discussion)
Speakers/ Guests
Belén Alfaro Hernandez, Betty Bigombe, Joana Gaspar, Hind Kabawat, Daniela Chavez
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