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Babu Ram Poudel

  • Hinduism
  • Nepal
  • Male
  • Nepal
  • South Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Babu Ram Poudel, Executive Director of Pro Public, holds a master’s degree in sociology, conflict peace and development studies from the Tribhuvan University of Nepal. He has 20 years of work experience in the development field that includes around 7 years of experience in governance, civic education, community dialogue, public hearings and more than 10 years in the areas of peace building and conflict transformation through dialogues (social, community, public, enacting, and restorative) mediation, nonviolent communication including peace education and research.

Poudel has a deep interest for the social work through which he wants to strengthen democracy, governance and peace, particularly in Nepalese society. Poudel has been working for the last 5 years focusing on the interreligious and intercultural dialogue in the dozens of districts and communities in Nepal with the objective of strengthening peace and social harmony and ensuring the strong collaboration among citizens. He has trained and supervised around 1500 community mediators through which around 10 thousand disputes have been resolved in a win-win situation. Similarly, he has trained around 200 dialogue facilitators and engaged them for various levels of interfaith dialogue through which he has brought together thousands of people from different religions, caste, ethnicities, language, geography and so forth. He has facilitated hundreds of dialogues and training, coordinated numbers of projects, handled peace education and research that has contributed to establish a culture of peace through dialogue in Nepalese communities.

The motto he has is to establish a culture of dialogue in every community of Nepal that can only promote peace and social harmony that ultimately leads to lasting peace, collaboration and overall prosperity.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Interfaith Dialogue For Promoting Peaceful Communities

Interfaith dialogues for promoting peaceful societies in Nepalgunj Su-metropolitan city of Banke district in Nepal were organized to bridge gaps among the people from various backgrounds by ensuring the representation from representation from religious schools, Masjid, temples, churches, civil society organizations, intellectuals, community people are. A two days short orientation for the preparation of the dialogues and 5 interfaith dialogues were organized successfully. The events were planned to organize in person but due to Covic-19 situation it was made virtually. Total 10 participants in the orientation and 100 participants in 5 dialogues (20 participants in each) joined the events and shared their stories faced being as from different religious and caste system. They all shared their stories and listened each other empathetically. The way of facilitation of the dialogue and sharing become impressive for the participants and they realized that even we are from different religious, caste and culture we are human and the feelings are the same so we need to respect each other and collaborate for the overall development of the society together. They shared this kinds of feelings and committed to share learning to the more people in the communities for changing the thinking pattern of them.

Area of Actions:

Interreligious Dialogue