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Bashar Rahme

  • Christianity
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Male
  • Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic
  • Western Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Bashar Rahme holds a master’s degree in Islamic-Christian relations from the Saint Joseph University in Beirut. He studied political science at Damascus University and expanded on the subject of international relations. He lived during the violent events in Syria and was influenced by the impact it had on people so he started working in the educational and psychosocial support fields with trauma survivor kids and help them reintegrate their new communities.

Bashar lived nearly a year in Egypt and worked with humanitarian associations there. Afterwards, he moved to Lebanon where he chose to study Islamic-Christian relations because he witnessed the importance and the influence of religions on human relations especially in the MENA region.

He looks forward to a world in which humankind is able to remove barriers of discrimination and prejudices and to move towards familiarity and participation with joy.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Jamielah – A Life Testimony

The book will be presented in a seminar on the importance of reconciliation: at the University of in Beirut, as well as in meetings in Homs and Damascus (within Syria)
Also, by publishing parts of the book on social media platforms periodically and regularly, and monitoring the interaction and the number reaches.
In addition to hosting sessions with readers and exploring their views & their thoughts on the call for reconciliation within this book.

Area of Actions:

Interreligious Dialogue

Forms of Actions: