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Bermin Meškić

  • Islam
  • Croatia
  • Male
  • Croatia
  • Southern Europe
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Bermin Meškić, LL. M – Master of Laws Lawyer, Lawyer’s Firm

Bermin graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb and has also completed professional diplomatic studies at the Diplomatic Academy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, he has served as a Member of the Council for National Minorities at the Government of the Republic of Croatia and participated in the passing of important legislation Acts concerning religious and minority communities. He has extensive experience in the field of legal science. He is an expert in various aspects of legal affairs in the positioning of religious and national minority communities in Croatia and beyond.

Bermin committed all his life to the protection and the promotion of human and fundamental rights, especially the rights of national minorities and vulnerable groups.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Social Inclusion of Refugees and Migrants into Croatian Society through IRD
Social Inclusion of Refugees and Migrants into Croatian Society through IRD is the project that aimes to develop and foster IRD and ICD among persons with approved international protection in Croatia, mostly from Syria. In implementation of Programme, there was 4 dialogue sessions. Every dialogue session was led by facilitator that have experience in leading non-formal edications and work experience with refugees and migrants. Every session was combination and practical work with the exchange of personal experiences from facilitator and participants. Sessions was held in the form of dialogue with the participants. Project targeted group of 18 people (including men and woman)on the move that gain international protection in Republic of Croatia. We invited adults and children from families to participate. In coordination with Islamic community and Centre for Cultural Dialogue that is a daily contact with refugee families we selected participants.