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Billy Haydar

  • Islam
  • Sweden
  • Male
  • Sweden
  • Northern Europe
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Coordinator and Workshop Co-Facilitator, Mellem Education

Billy works in NGOs in the area of programme support and administration. He enjoys taking part in activities that involve intercultural (IRD) communication, peace, conflict and youth work. He likes non-formal education training that uses self-reflection and dialog and aim for mutual understanding, sharing and exploration of ourselves. In 2007 he completed his bachelor’s degree in translation and humanities, and finished his master’s degree in international migration and ethnic relations in 2019. He has been active in improvisational theatre as well as being a photojournalist covering integration, immigration, international politics and asylum life in Denmark. Billy has been a training facilitator in Lebanon, Denmark and Sweden for the last 10 years and participated/worked on a variety of different projects. The past few years he has been working in the field of economic and employment integration in Sweden.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Nahno på
The one-day initiative “Nahno på ” -adopted from the “Salaam Shalom” project by “Mellemeducation.dk” -is going to include interactive religious presentation from both Islamic and Jewish practices, to be discussed and participated by participants themselves all come to Malmö to share best practice from their inter-faith and intercultural work.