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Dr. Christine Mikhail

  • Christianity
  • Egypt
  • Female
  • Egypt
  • Northern Africa
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Christine Mikhail holds a PhD in mass communication from Ain Shams University. She is a researcher in the field of intellectual property rights and human rights, and wrote several research papers on crisis management, culture and peacebuilding. She currently works as a teacher of public relations and marketing in the British University in Egypt and the Coptic Studies Institute.

Christine holds the international training license TOT and self-development of the American Board. She is particularly interested in dialogue and the role of the media in supporting peacebuilding and positive values like citizenship, cooperation, acceptance and tolerance. As a result, she participated in several seminars and conferences on interreligious dialogue.

She believes that as long as we live and breathe we should accept and serve others.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Dialogue Builders

A workshop (for a day) to prepare participants for spreading the principles of tolerance and coexistence in their communities. A series of sessions facilitated by experts to broaden the participants knowledge and perspectives on topics: peaceful coexistence, diversity, pluralism and common citizenship beyond religious identity.
The aim of these sessions is to address the issue of religious freedom in an indirect, non-controversial and controversial manner,rather than discussing religion as a belief or even the concept of religious freedom, the sessions focuses on promoting a better understanding of cultural,social and political issues related to tolerance, peace and coexistence in Egyptian society, including the concept of citizenship and pluralism.
Participants will attend also an intensive training on conflict management and resolution, team building, and activities to improve mutual understanding and respect for their communities.
The sessions are provided by expert consultants.
Dialogue sessions (day-to-day) focusing on dialogue principles and techniques between adherents and cultures to build community.
The sessions will provide exchange experiences in which they will exchange lessons learned within the form of activities of building common religious understanding and prevention Conflict.
Field visits to Islamic and Christian religious leaders, and sites.
Initiatives: These initiatives enable young people to build a virtual working system on communication to disseminate what they have learned to others, and this not only helps participants test their newly acquired ideas, but also helps to spread their new concepts and practices into more members of society, and may include activities such as: creating a blog, Facebook page, or tweets on YouTube..etc.