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Dr. Ibrahim Suberu

  • Islam
  • Nigeria
  • Male
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Lecturer, Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Port Harcourt

Ibrahim is a vibrant international Islamic scholar with a BA, MA and PhD in Islamic studies. He is a lecturer in the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Port Harcourt. He has published numerous works and presented papers at local and international workshops and conferences. His interests are mostly on religious fundamentalism, extremism, Nigerian Muslim Ummah and the quest for unity. He is an accomplished Da’wah activist, Vice Chief Imam at the University of Port Harcourt and the coordinator of Understanding Islam on National Television Authority (NTA) Port Harcourt. He is a member of Al-Usrah Incorporated – the leading Islamic organization in the Niger Delta. In addition to this, Ibrahim is a co-founder of Luster Educational Consulting and the National Secretary of National Progressive Coalition Initiatives. In late 2019, he participated in the International ILEM summer programme held in Istanbul, Turkey, as well as the maiden winter programme organised by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Doha Institutes, Qatar in 2020. He was, very recently, involved in the Summit for Peace and Prosperity in Asia. He is currently writing for CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) and COUNCIL (Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs) about dialogue as a relationship for peace and unity in Nigeria.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Enhancing Social Cohesion through Inter-Religious Dialogue
The Program was a three days program. The first day (3rd November) was for the workshop while the remaining two days (4th and 5th of November) were for visitation to the religious centers. The event was graced by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt, in person of Prof. Onwunari A. Georgewill who was represented by Prof Kabo Hope as the Special Guest of Honor, also the Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Prof. John Yessibo, the HOD Rev. Sis. Mbonu Caroline and the Most Senior Prof. of Religious and Cultural Studies Department, Prof W.O. Wotogbe-Weneka were all present. The undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies were in attendant. There are four guest speakers which includes 1. Prof Abdul- Razag Kilani spoke on “Building Social Cohesion through Interreligious Dialogue: Islamic approach”. 2. His Grace Archbishop Prof Ilami Krama Clive who talked on: “Building Social Cohesion through Interreligious Dialogue: Lessons from the Brotherhood of Cross and Stars” 2. Dr Grace Lawrence-Hart who discussed on: “Building Social Cohesion through Interreligious Dialogue : African Perspective” The fourth Speaker was Dr. Justice Gbule Ndidi (represented by Dr. John Obineche) briefly talked on “Christianity approach on Building Social Cohesion through Interreligious Dialogue” The event saw attendees from far and near belonging to different religious, ethnic and socio-cultural backgrounds. About 400 participants of different religions (Christianity, Islam, Brotherhood of the Cross and Stars, African Traditionalists, Ekanka) and different ethnicities (Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Isokpo, Ijaw, Irobo) states (over 15 states).