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Dr. Phill Gittins

  • Christianity
  • United Kingdom
  • Male
  • United Kingdom
  • North America
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Education Director, World Beyond War

Phillip is a practitioner and scholar with over 20 years’ leadership, programming and analysis experience in the areas of peace, education and youth. His areas of expertise include peace education, conflict transformation, youth and community development and action, participatory action research, and the Youth, Peace and Security agenda. He has managed, and continues to manage, programmes and projects on a range of issues across the private, public and civil society sectors. He is active in delivering workshops and lectures around the world and has published numerous books, chapters and journal articles with leading publishers and journals. He is trained in facilitative dialogue, and has a keen interest in developing specialisation around interreligious dialogue. He currently serves as the education director for World Beyond War and is a Rotary Peace Fellow and a Peace Ambassador for the Institute for Economics and Peace. He earned a PhD in international conflict analysis, an MA in education and a BA (first-class honours) in youth and community studies. Phillip also holds postgraduate qualifications in peace and conflict studies, education and training, and teaching in higher education; and he is a certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, counsellor/psychotherapist and project manager.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Preparing UK and Serbian Youth to Promote Dialogue for Peace
The project revolved around a dialogue between young leaders in England and Serbia. The project involved three phases. First, young people in England and Serbia completed surveys to share their ideas on what they think they need to learn to become better prepared to promote dialogue for peace. This phase fed into the preparation of the workshops. The second phase involved a 2-day workshop for young people in England (Shropshire) followed by a 2-day workshop for young people in Serbia. The workshops provided an introduction to the theory and practice of peacebuilding and dialogue. Following the workshops, the project culminated in a third phase that included a virtual gathering which brought young people together to share knowledge and engage in new dialogues for the purposes of strengthening international links and enhancing intercultural understanding. During the virtual gathering, young people made 10 minute presentations about their culture/context that they had co-created, followed by a back-and -forth dialogue among all young people involved in the project.