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Durga Pulendran

  • Hinduism
  • Sri Lanka
  • Female
  • Sri Lanka
  • South Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Conflict Analyst, WFP Sri Lanka

Durga has a master’s degree in international development and environmental analysis from Monash University, Australia, and currently provides technical support for WFP Sri Lanka on conducting conflict analysis. Until recently, she worked as the Assistant Director of Programmes at the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka, where she managed the mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) programme and memorialisation programme portfolios. Durga’s work includes capacity development, knowledge sharing, research and evaluation for different organizations, including the United Nations. This experience has enabled her to work with people from different social, cultural and religious backgrounds, through engagement and cooperation. A keen sportsman in her school days, she has held many leadership positions and has served as the director for community service in the Interact District Committee for Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Growing up in a country ravaged by war, Durga is grateful to have been raised in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious environment which inspires her belief in peaceful coexistence and the benefits of cooperation.

Area of Actions:

Interreligious Dialogue

Forms of Actions:

Educational Programmes