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Fr. Isaack Gaitani Mdindile

  • Christianity
  • Brazil
  • Male
  • Brazil
  • Latin America and the Carribean (South America)
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Catholic priest, Institute of Consolata Missionaries in Amazonia

Isaack is a Catholic priest from Tanzania, now working in Amazonia, Brazil, where he belongs to the Institute of Consolata Missionaries. He holds a graduate degree in philosophy from Jordan University College, Tanzania, and a theology degree from Pontifical Catholic University of St Paul, Brazil. As a result, he was able to perform pastoral duties with young people and participated in a forum on interreligious theology. Currently, he is taking up a master´s degree in human rights, social responsibility and global citizenship at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Isaac has experience of working with the Indigenous Council of Roraima (CIR) whose work is to promote the right to practice a faith among various traditional groups and promote cultural identity among youths. With his interreligious experience, he has been able to host members from various religious institutions for charitable activities.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

This project aimed at establishing interreligious dialogue informal activities among Indigenous people at Consolata Catholic Parish in Boa Vista-Brazil. The project was inspired by an interreligious perspective of mutual respect and harmonious living among the indigenous migrants from Venezuela – “Waraos”, “Karina” and “Enepa” as well as the “Macuxi” from Brazil. For that to happen and reach its goal we had to engage and reach out some political leaders, policy makers, religious leaders, religious institutions and community leaders. We had an opportunity to listen to the needs and concerns of indigenous communities. The initiative also aimed ate enabling all participants to know each other, hence to establish dialogue aiming at fostering and bringing people together despite of their religious and cultural diversities. More over, the initiave aimed at establishing a sustainable network between political leaders, policy makers, religious institutions, and people from indigenous groups which are very often feels marginarized. Finally, a dialogue was held on how to handle issues pertaining migration, racism, invasion of land, environmental issues, sustenable projects and intolerance as key challenges facing ndigenous and their communities from Venezuela as well as brazilian indigenous here in Amazonia.

Area of Actions:

Interreligious Dialogue

Forms of Actions:

Educational Programmes