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Grace Nyaruai Michuki

  • Christianity
  • Kenya
  • Female
  • Kenya
  • East Africa
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Committee Member, National Scouts Adult Resource

Grace Michuki is a passionate youth leader and mental health advocate. She is member of the Scouts and a Dialogue forof Peace  Trainer  in Kenya. Currently she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at St.Paul’s University.

Grace gained a lot of knowledge in peacebuilding and conflict resolution during her leadership tenure as the Africa Scouts Youth Forum President (2012-2015)  and as the Kenya National Youth Leader at the Kenya Scouts Movement.  (2012-2017).

She is actively involved in peacebuilding trainings and activities through the Scout movement across the globe to train and recruits Scouts/individuals to become Messengers of Peace. She is also involved in interreligious and intercultural trainings and advocates peaceful elections. To her, iInter-religious and iInter cultural dialogue is very critical as it promotes equity and achieves unity in diversity across the world.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Mental Health , Personal Dialogue

The initiative was successfully implemented and its objectives fully achieved in Nyeri Kenya. The initiative was dubbed” Promoting Mental health awareness through inter-religious dialogue on issues afflicting the community post Covid-19 Pandemic” The initiative aimed at addressing the need to check up on our mental status , the need to create awareness and also reduce the rising number of suicide cases in the country and world at large. this noble idea was positively welcomed and embraced by the community and community leaders as they agreed it was an urgent issues that needed to be addressed. This saw meaningful partnerships with local groups in Nyeri County.