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Habiba Mohamed Adow

  • Islam
  • Somalia
  • Female
  • Somalia
  • East Africa
  • KAICIID Fellows

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Training: The concept of peaceful coexistence

The concept of peaceful coexistence means ending misunderstandings between followers of religions and creating a kind of cooperation between them
That people live a life of security and safety without fear and panic and without one of them attacking the other with bonds of intimacy, affection and love because without them, peaceful coexistence between peoples will not be achieved, and everyone will remain in fear and dread.

Coexistence has many ties, and its paths are abundant, and the wise person is the one who realizes that life encompasses all, that ideas are subject to discussion, and that life should not be lost in the shadows of discord, disharmony and strife, and that Islam was sent by God with the prophets, and with it he united the peoples of the earth, and corrected behavior with it. From Him and to Him is the judge, and through him souls are reformed to accept coexistence with others.

Therefore, we convened this session for the people of Somalia to carry this message the concept of peaceful coexistence for their brothers in order to control differences and conflicts at an early stage before their exacerbation, exacerbation and expansion, so that they do not become nationalist or sectarian, and to spread the culture of tolerance and the rule of law. This is considered solidarity and peaceful coexistence among followers of religions.