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Kalliopi Mavragka

  • Christianity
  • Greece
  • Female
  • Greece
  • Southern Europe
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Member of the Scientific and Administrative Team, The Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece

Kalliopi is a PhD candidate and a graduate of theology at the University of Athens. She obtained her MS in pedagogical studies and matters of gender and religion from the University of Athens, Panteion University and the University of Eastern Finland. She works as a member of the scientific and administrative team of the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece and has run various European programmes. She is trained in cooperation for innovation and exchanging good practices and participates in projects alongside organizations such as KAICIID. She organises educational seminars and programmes for teachers of all grades with the last project focusing on inclusive learning for migrants and refugee adults and children in Europe. Moreover she has attended studies in journalism and teaches Sunday school where she talks to pupils about religious matters among other things.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Interreligious mosaic in Chalkis: Greek schools in dialogue with social cohesion
Greek school teachers familiarized themselves with the religious and cultural traditions co-existing in Chalkida. The Christian Orthodox community alongside with the Jewish community and the nearby ancient Mosque Emir Zade as a contemporary model for our multicultural societies.
At first, 24 Greek high school and primary school teachers trained in Athens and Chalkida for a two-week period of time and second improved knowledge and skills acquired on behalf of the group trained on matters of diversity both religious and cultural, mentality and principles cultivated for dialogue with the “other”.