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Kenu Agarwal

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Media and Program Manager, Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti

Communication Officer, Shankar Vihar Prachin Hanuman Mandir

Biography Narrative

  1. Masters in Gandhi and Peace Studies

Kenu Agarwal a social and spiritual leader, has been working on various Peace, Harmony, and women’s Empowerment issues for more than 15 years. A profound believer in Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural harmony, she has been working for Peace and Religious harmony toward conflict resolution through inclusive participation.
A practitioner of Sanatan Hindu religious philosophy, she believes that Knowledge, Karma, and bhakti are the path towards spirituality. We may believe in any form of God, worship any form of God and undertake any activity for our livelihood We can reach salvation if we gain wisdom, have a love for God and do our Karma.
She has done a Master’s in Gandhi and Peace Studies, received a bachelor of commerce (honors) from Delhi University, and has a diploma in Software Development and Computer Graphics.  She has been consistently working to support interreligious harmony, environmental conservation, and the welfare of villagers, women, children, journalists, and disempowered members of society.
She has been working with social organizations as a Media Secretary and Consultant at Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti, Trustee Indraprastha Press Club of India, State Secretary Sanskar Bahrti, Vice President of Communities in Transition, and Founder Board Member of Collective Determination on national and international platforms.
 ‘Spirituality for Human & Social Development’, ‘Religion and Women Empowerment’, ‘Save and Educate girl child’, ‘Campaign against female Feticide’, ‘Run for Unity’, ‘Spiritual Man Digital Society’, ‘EmpowHer—supporting Young Women to shape the Interreligious Dialogue sphere’, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam—World is One Family’ are some of the recent programs organized with the help of my team to promote peace, harmony and women’s empowerment.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

‘Religion and Women’s Empowerment’

The initiative is on intereligious dialogue for women empowerment in Delhi, India, by writing, publishing, and releasing a book on the importance of religion to women empowerment in Hindi & English, ‘Religion and Women Empowerment’ (‘धर्म और नारी सशक्तिकरण’). I aim to empower women in a multi-religious perspective, thus ushering in a new way of dialogue between the representatives of six religions.
I would like to mention that Hindi is one of the official Languages of India and is most popular in North India and Delhi. The title of the book will be ‘धर्म और नारी सशक्तिकरण’.
In India, women have always been suppressed since the last few centuries; they do not have the power. But when I observed the ancient Indian religious society, I observed that women always had a lot of power. As a Hindu, when I analyse Hinduism, I see that goddesses are as powerful as gods. Goddesses were worshipped in equality with the Gods
However, with the passage to time, some social and religious practices which are not mentioned in religions lead to suppression of women.
An interreligious dialogue will reveal the importance of women in various religions.I had dialogue with religious leaders of other religions and realised that women were powerful in many other religions as well. Through this interreligious dialogue, I want to bring out those aspects of religion that empower women.

‘EmpowHer: Supporting Young Women to shape the Interreligious Dialogue sphere’

Despite decades of campaigning by United Nations agencies for the promotion of the welfare of women across the world, women in some parts of the world are still largely not able to find space in the onerous task of peacebuilding, particularly in conflict zones across the world. In other words, while there continue to be multilateral and multinational efforts that are targeted at conflict resolution and peacebuilding in parts of the world, hardly has there been any instance where space has been yielded to women to contribute their own quota, even as they constitute the greatest sufferers of conflict situations and incidences across the world. This trend not only calls to question the United Nations SDG number five (5) on gender equality but also raises awareness of new spaces from which women are excluded.

The proposed project is implemented in four countries: India, Austria, Vienna, Finland, and Nigeria, with the objective of strengthening young women and youths, and preparing them on how to raise their voice for social cohesion and justice in a peaceful and non-violent manner. The project is proposed to train youth and women on empowerment and gender equality issues. This project also aims at training and involving youth, especially women, in peacebuilding, religious harmony, and empowerment processes. We shall also hold sessions on the role of youths and women in social and religious harmony, peace in the community and society through intra- and interreligious Dialogues. It is exclusively designed to raise
awareness of the need for total inclusion of women in peacebuilding processes as well as building confidence in women for the realization of their respective potentials. The project with a panel discussion at Parliament of World’s Religions followed by online and offline training sessions in four countries.



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