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Kenu Agarwal

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Biography Narrative

Consultant and Media Secretary, Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti

Kenu Agarwal is a social, spiritual and political activist. Born, brought up and educated in Delhi, she is well aware of different social, religious, educational, economic and political problems and requirements of the people.

She received a bachelor of commerce (honours) from Delhi University, where she received all her education in English and also received computer training. She has been consistently working to support interreligious harmony, environmental conservation, welfare of villagers, women, children, journalists and disempowered members of society.

She has been working with social organizations Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti and Indraprastha Press Club of India. She has been working with Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti since 2012, organizing Interfaith, Interreligious seminars, conferences, meetings and talks. She would like to work for interfaith, interreligious, and intercultural harmony at the national and international level.

Kenu Agarwal has been living in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi established in 17th Century where people worship in Hindu and Jain Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras and other religious places. She believes that spiritual freedom and salvation can be achieved through bhakti and karma. We may believe in any form of God or worship any form God and undertake any activity for our livelihood we can reach salvation if we have love for God and do our karma.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

EmpowHer–Supporting Young Women to shape the Interreligious Dialogue sphere

The initiative is on intereligious Dialogue for Women Empowerment in Delhi India by writing, publishing and releasing a book on the Importance of Religion towrads Women Empowerment in Hindi ‘धर्म और नारी सशक्तिकरण’. I aim to empower women in multi religious prospective and thus ushering a new way of dialogue between the representatives of six religions.
I would like to mention that Hindi is one of the official Languages of India and most popular in North India and Delhi. The title of the book will be ‘धर्म और नारी सशक्तिकरण’.
In India women heve always been suppressed, from last mant centuries they do not have the power. But when I see the ancient Indian religious society I see women always had lot of power. As a Hindu when I analyse Hinduism I see that Goddess were as powerful as Gods. Goddesses were worshipped in equality with the Gods
However with the passage to time some social and religious practices which are not mentioned in religions lead to suppression of women.
An interreligious dialogue will reveal the importance of women in various religions.
I had dialogue with religious leaders of other religions and realised that women were powerful in many other religions also.
Through this Inter Religious dialogue I want bring out those aspects of religion which empower women.

I will hold interreligious dialogue with people of different religions men, women youth and some religious leaders to take their views on the subject of women empowerment. I will also give them a questionnaire asking them questions like 1. Importance of Women in your religion scriptures, 2. Importance of women in Indian Culture, 2. How can religious leaders and religious organisations contribute towards empowering women, 3. How can Interreligious dialogue enhance women empowerment 4. What does your religion say about women empowerment? Their views will also be published.
I will hold dialogue with religious leaders about how to empower women by bringing the religious believes that empower women.
The book will have 50-60 pages, the cover of the book will be a painting from a female artist.
The book will be released in a Conference with a gathering of about 200 people from different religions, various walks of life, men, women and youth. Media will be invited to cover the conference.
The conference held at the release of the book an Interreligious dialogue on Empowerment of Women will be held.