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Rev Dr. Liango Abdon Nadin

  • Christianity
  • Central African Republic
  • Male
  • Central African Republic
  • Middle Africa
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Lecturer, University of Bangui

Abdon Nadin Liango teaches at the law and social science faculties of the University of Bangui. He received a master’s degree and a PhD in philosophy from Yaoundé University, Cameroon and a degree in law from the University of Bangui, Central African Republic. In addition, he participated in several training courses on interreligious dialogue, conflict resolution, diplomacy and mediation, and leadership.

Abdom works primarily with youth, and is a project manager for the Youth for the National Transition Council. He believes that interreligious dialogue is key for peace and reconciliation in CAR and has organized several conferences within his community.

His motto is “courage, determination and faith.”

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Formation en Cohesion Sociale des Jeunes Leaders sur le Dialogue Inter Religieux
[Training in Social Cohesion of Young Leaders on Interreligious Dialogue]

CAR is a country in perpetual conflict. Thetension in Central Africa is based on community and identity because it is communities that face each other. Most of the active actors who destroy and harm are young people from different Christian and Muslim communities. Young people are often used for other purposes and acts of violence. It is thus that the concepts of living together, reconciliation, mutual understanding, collaboration, peace, social cohesion are at the forefront of our country as well as the interreligious dialogue. We want to be involved in university research and at the same time a pastor to make our contribution to the construction of everything that is done in the field by several non-governmental organizations. Further, we want to train Minusca youth association leaders on the importance of social cohesion for better living together to contribute to the strengthening of peace in the CAR of the development and stability of our two communities which are manipulated for political ends. We want through this initiative to show that human life is sacred and we can not remove it, on the contrary, we must protect this life. The relationships that unite us are the things we share in common. We also want to emphasize the improtance of self reflection, understanding and accepting others. By way of conclusion, we want to present the importance of human understanding between people and social cohesion for the flourishing not only of our society but in general world because we are not only members of a community but also global citizens.