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Sheikh Mohammad Ghalieh

  • Islam
  • Jordan
  • Male
  • Jordan
  • Western Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Sheikh Mohammad Ghaliah holds a master’s degree in Aqidah (Islam creed) and Islamic philosophy and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Da’wa and principles of religion. He currently works as a mufti at the General Iftaa department where he is in charge of preparing and delivering Fatwas via different means of communication.

He prepares and hosts the Iftaa department’s religious program “Ask the People of Remembrance” at Jordan Television, in addition to participating in other religious programs on different stations.

He has taken courses on enhancing interfaith dialogue and participated in local and international forums and conferences on countering terrorism and extremism. For instance he attended the Iftaa department’s conference entitled “Nullifying Suspicions of Extremism and Takfir, Peaceful Coexistence amongst Followers of Different Religions” at Prince Songkla University in Thailand.

Sheikh Ghaliah was nominated for the Best Public Employee award and was amongst the finalists.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Under the shade of the Prophets tree
تحت ظل شجرة الأنبياء

The initiative includes a documentary film about the Al-Baqi’a tree located in the Safawi region, east of Jordan.. It is a tree more than one thousand five hundred years old.. It is located on the ancient trade route between the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant.. Christian monasteries are around it
The Prophet Muhammad visited it on his journey to the Levant and sat under it and was received by the monk who lives next to it and told him that this tree is the seat of the prophets..
This tree represents a symbol of the integration of religions and the coexistence between them under one shade.
The trunk of the tree is the origin of religion, and the branches are the prophets, and all human beings live in its shadows

تتضمن المبادرة فيلم وثائقي عن شجرة البقيعاوية الموجودة في منطقة الصفاوي شرق الأردن..وهي شجرة يبلغ عمرها أكثر من ألف وخمسمائة عام..تقع على طريق التجارة القديم بين الجزيرة العربية والشام.. ويوجد حولها أديرة مسيحية..
زارها النبي محمد في رحلته إلى الشام وجلس تحتها واستقبله الراهب الذي يعيش بجوارها وأخبره أن هذه الشجرة مكان جلوس الأنبياء..
فتمثل هذه الشجرة رمزا لتكامل الأديان والتعايش بينهم تحت ظل واحد.
جذع الشجرة هو أصل الدين والفروع هم الأنبياء والبشر جميعا يعيشون في ظلالها

Area of Actions:

Intrareligious Dialogue

Forms of Actions:

Educational Programmes