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Muhammad Israr

  • Islam
  • Pakistan
  • Male
  • Pakistan
  • South Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

“Muhamaad Israr (Madani) holds a degree of religious studies from madrassa as well as MS in educational planning and management from University. He also studied “Religion & Culture Conflict” at Drew University, New Jersey, USA. He heads a think tank based in Islamabad by the name International Research Council for Religious Affairs since 2013. He promotes sectarian harmony in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is also working on different democratic models, such as of Tunisia, Malaysia, and Indonesia to promote democratic values in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He frequently organizes activities in the field of sectarian harmony, democratic pluralism and inter-religious dialogue. He has hosted programs on national and regional TV channels on a wide-range of topics such as religion and cultural conflict, inter-faith harmony, conflict transformation and culture of dialogue.”

His motto is ” Dialogue is inevitable for a peaceful world”.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Promotion and Dissemination of Inter Religious Dialogue (IRD) Related Content through Social media
In this project the Inter Religious Dialogue (IRD) related video messages were recorded from recognized, well known and influential inter- and intra-faith religious leaders, peace builders, academia and government representatives engaged by International Research Council for Religious Affairs (IRCRA) under the KAICIID alumni initiatives. The content of these videos messages is comprised on the importance and interpretation of inter-faith, intra-faith dialogue, harmony and coexistence; conflict analysis and resolution; ethics of disagreement; counter/alternate narrative of violent narratives; role of women in social cohesion and peace building; causes and solution of sectarian violence in Pakistan and celebration of religious diversity and pluralism. These messages are disseminated through Facebook and YouTube as 95% of social media consumers in the country use FB and YouTube, therefore it was easy to reach through this platform. These messages are recorded in the national local language in Urdu, that is understandable for all segments of general public in almost all parts of Pakistan.

Area of Actions:

Interreligious Dialogue

Forms of Actions:

Information Distribution