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Natalie Samir Akkari

  • Christianity
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Female
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Western Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Natalie Samir Akkari holds a BA in English from the Department of Translation at Al-Baath University in Syria.  She is a director of a private kindergarten and is active in Christian religious education for children and women (Sunday school).

She studied Byzantine ecclesiastical music and is a member of the Coral Valley Lady. For six years, Natalie was a director at the Centre of Peace for Children in Wadi Al-Nasara and the Centre of Peace for Youth for one year.

She’s been attending trainings since 2011 on peacebuilding, psychological support, conflict resolution and dialogue. She has also composed songs related to peacebuilding topics performed by choirs for children. Moreover, she issued a children’s booklet that is distributed free of charge during the Christmas holidays.

Her life motto: “A smile is the key to all hearts.”

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives


1- Raising awareness of at least 25 women (mother / female / nanny) about the importance of exercising the proper guidance and educational role for her children to instill a spirit of peace, love and understanding among her family members and provide them with the new methods of dealing with their children and breaking the ice barriers and stereotype about the relationship between parents and children.

2- Raising awareness also for at least 30 (boys and girls) adolescents and adolescents of the need to respect parents and parents and commitment to high moral and ethical behaviors and strengthen the concept of family cohesion between children and their parents.

3- Enabling family bonding and breaking the stereotypes prevailing in the relationship between both generations of parents and children.