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Ngaibona Mamingai Juste Jocelin

  • Christianity
  • Central African Republic
  • Male
  • Central African Republic
  • Middle Africa
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Episcopal Commission of Laity & Department of Philosophy, Bangui University, Central African Republic

Ngaibona Mamingai Juste Jocelin is a PhD candidate in philosophy, with a focus on epistemology and logic at Dijon University. He is also a lecturer with the philosophy department of Bangui University. He obtained his Master’s degree in epistemology and logic at Yaounde I University in Cameroon in 2012. His interests include advocacy for human rights, conflict resolution and interreligious dialogue. He joined the national network of Youth for Human Rights in 2010. After receiving training in human rights advocacy, he was certified in this subject. In the context of the current crisis in CAR, he works in conflict resolution and promoting interreligious dialogue in his parish community, where he is a member of the Apostolate Episcopal commission and the Episcopal commission for peace and justice. He works together with these commissions to invite the youth of the parish community to practice interreligious dialogue as mean to resolve conflict.

Since 2014, he has studied conflict resolution and transformation, mediation and dialogue at Bangui University, and participated in seminars and training courses on these subjects. He is working to promote understanding between the Muslin and Christian communities in the Central African Republic. He would like to enable the different communities to understand themselves and to use interreligious dialogue as means to avoid conflicts.  His motto is to build peace through dialogue.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Training of Trainers in the University of Bangui

At the University of Bangui, there is a student council for non-violence. These young students are much more concerned with resolving conflicts through the use of peaceful means. Therefore, we have chosen to initiate them and strengthen their capacity on interreligious dialogue specifically on the approaches and technique in facilitating interreligious dialogue in academia. Our goal is to train 20 young leaders of the student council of nonactive violence which at the end of the training will be trainers within each University faculty. The training will take place in Bangui and will bring together leading students from three to four years of study.

Training of students from the University of Bangui on Interreligious Dialogue

This initiative is a continuation of what we started during our cohort as Fellows 2018. On that occasion we trained 25 leaders of the Student Council for Active Nonviolence. There is a need to extend training in IRD to the whole university. This is why this initiative will target students from all institutions under the supervision of the University of Bangui. We propose to train 30 students who will be targeted in each faculty, institute and private professional school under the supervision of the University of Bangui.

Cette initiative va dans la continuité de ce que nous avons commencé pendant notre cohorte en tant fellows 2018. A cette occasion nous avions formé 25 leaders du conseil estudiantinomique de la non violence active. Le besoin se fait sentir d’étendre une formation en en IRD sur l’ensemble de l’université. C’est pourquoi cette initiative visera les étudiants de tous les établissements sous tutelle de l’université de Bangui. Nous proposons de former 30 étudiants qu’on ciblera dans chaque faculté, institut et école privée professionnelle sous tutelle de l université de Bangui.