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Lt. Nudrat Bano

  • Islam
  • Pakistan
  • Female
  • Pakistan
  • South Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Lt. Nudrat Bano has extensive experience in edification, educational administration, planning & development and the defence sector. Her focus on religions and religiosity is a matter of self-conviction and a commitment towards tranquillity. Her capability in interpersonal and communication skills has led to her position as a mentor.  She has been organising trainings since 2015 on peacebuilding, psychological support, conflict resolution and dialogue. She has participated in local and international workshops and conferences, trained hundreds of students and raised awareness on a number of issues and especially on the inclusion of women in the mainstream.

She holds an MPhil in International Relations from the National Defence University, Islamabad and master’s degrees in English Literature and in European History. She also holds a certification on the Study of Islam from the International Islamic University, Islamabad and a postgraduate diploma in TEFL from AIOU. Her academic interests lie in history, the politics of identity, the international political economy of peacemaking and conflict resolution. She is a critic of ‘ISMs’, her area of focus is the Middle East.

She is focused on educating the female youth and in cultivating a research culture both in religious and regular streams of studies at IDRAC and as a faculty member at Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Pakistan. She has been involved in interfaith dialogue for nearly five years and has facilitated programmes to develop the capacity of religious leaders on early-warning and early-response systems, negotiation skills, conflict management and mediation. She advocates interfaith mediation and women’s inclusion in governance and peace processes.

She has successfully piloted a project for the Pakistan Higher Education Commission on a national level and has conducted a National Conference and Consultative Workshop on Interfaith and Communal Harmony. In addition to her academic career as a lecturer at Kinnaird College for Women, she volunteers in an advisory role at IDRAC; where she is empowering her target group in using intra-religious dialogue, conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Her newly developed interests are intercultural affinity and socio-cultural imperialism. Her motto is: ‘’Integration is the law to totality’’.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Life Amidst Fear and Belief: The Role of IRD

TRAINING I & II Sculpting Minds – The training sessions included introduction to Human rights and a comparative preview of the western and eastern tradition. – Communication and Conditionalized communication where we hear but do not listen its major hurdles – Dialogue and importance and methods Meditation session A guided meditation session with reflection into various situations they have themselves experienced with open-ended circumstances no question about causes helped the listener to come up with reasons based in their life. A thinking and discussion later helps them to understand various perspectives and also sensitize them. Let’s be judgmental!! A fun activity where everyone is free to make judgements. Two volunteers did role to play. rest of the participants were asked to guess and make judgment of the situation going on. The diversity of thought process and experiences how can be weighed over misconceptions was practices. Human Art An interactive and creative activity to brings out the artistic side of the participants while inculcating in them the spirit of team building, teaching them the value of each team member and time management. CONSULTATIVE WORKSHOP – Address by Mufti Ragib Naeemi – A small video was shown to start brainstorming warming exercise about conflict – intercultural inter faith and intrafaith Dialogue and peace Building Art participants were paired for the activity of building a modified version conflict tree. identifying differences at the root experiencing together ( Talking to each other in an effort to get given situations solutions or explanation) then creating a new relation at the where the identify what they can achieve together in the then the power beauty and diversity of the joint achievements. Seminar – had talk on the roll of Women in social model development and particular in IRD.by Dr. Qibla Ayaz – Dr. Saba Bakht extensively talked about the Covid related Challenges for women and children in particular and generally for all and that the cooperation the doctors need at the part of public to deal with this covid and to fight their own fears. Ms Ambreen shared her personal experience of intersect muslim marriage and novel learning. Followed by general open house discussion and query addressing session.