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Prof. Giancarlo Anello

  • Italy
  • Male
  • Italy
  • Southern Europe
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Associate Professor, University of Parma

Giancarlo studied law in Palermo, Rome, and Arabic in Damascus, Nizwa, Tunis, and Amman. He is currently the Associate Professor of Law, Culture and Economics and Anthropology and Institutions of Islam at the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries (DUSIC), University of Parma-Italy. He is a lawyer who earned his law degree from the University of Palermo and a DPhil in Law from the Sapienza University of Rome. He has published several books and articles on law, religion and human rights topics and current research includes legal anthropology, human rights, religions and their role and interactions in the public legal sphere. Professor Anello is an expert on Islamic law and comparative constitutional law and is a member of EUARE (the European Academy of Religion). Recently, his civic efforts have focused on Christian-Muslim dialogue, by means of historical research applied to the interpretation of religious legal sources.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Global Religions, IRD, and the Academic Public Sphere
The initiative aims at promoting a Curriculum dedicated to IRD and hosted in a secular government university, which can raise more awareness on the importance of IRD for students and civil society, can apply the correct methodology in teaching, and can establish a safe venue for further IRD initiatives. The initiative was divided into two parts: 1. Kickoff event: interfaith theater; 2. Proposal of a New curriculum entitled “Global religions and Religious Diplomacy” (provisional title)