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Rev. Fr. Renan Obregon

  • Christianity
  • Philippines
  • Male
  • Italy
  • Southern Europe
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Lecturer and Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Tabor Hill College

Renan gained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at the University of San Jose, Recoletos, and a master’s at San Agustine’s University. He is currently finishing his doctoral degree in education at the University of San Jose, Recoletos. He was ordained in 2015 and became vice president of academic affairs at Tabor Hill College, where he also teaches philosophy. He organises seminars on interreligious dialogue.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

The seminar is attended by more or less 36 participants composed of Filipinos working in Naples. The seminar has two sessions talks in the morning and open forum in the afternoon. the first part was an orientation about what dialogue is and its authentic understanding. what dialogue is and what dialogue is not, is given an emphasis. After that, kaiciid’s understanding of dialogue is also introduced aiming for understanding and entering into authentic dialogue. On the second talk the speaker has introduced and explained what inculturation is and how it would be helpful in dealing with other culture specially when it is applied into a context of the filipinos working in a foreign land. in addition, the speaker also inculcated the Church’s understanding of what inculturation is all about so that it may be understood fully in the eyes of faith for the filipinos who are far from their homes. Then in the afternooon, an open forum has been facilitated. Many questions has been raised to clarify things and how they could possibly adapt to the environment they are in not to be aloft and discriminated. after the seminar, it implanted a legacy of certain understanding among those attended.