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Sameera Abdullah Al Refa’e

Sameera Abdulla al-Ra'e
  • Islam
  • Jordan
  • Female
  • Jordan
  • Western Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Dr. Sameera Abdulla AL-Refa’e is currently working as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sharia, Department of Islamic Studies, Yarmouk University, Jordan. Dr. Sameera has participated in several conferences and events of various topics such as 1st international conference under the title “Prophet Mohammad and his rights on humanity” (2013), the 4th International Conference International conference for scientific research, titled “Scientific Research Pillar of Sustainable Development in the Digital Age” (2015). She is also a researcher of several publications since 2011 and still has some other works under typing. Dr. Sameera is also a member in the scientific counseling committee for AL_Modawwana Journal, which is a semester fiqhi Journal Issued by Islamic Fiqh complex in India, a member in arbitrating committee for the researches of arbitrated annual book ” Mu’jam AL-sunan AL-Elelahiya Fi AL-Qura’n AL-Kareem, and Dr. Sameera is widely interested in interreligious dialogue and ambitious in supervising and discussing topics in this domain.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

The Religious Violence: its Reasons and Solutions according to the perspectives of post graduate students at Yarmouk University

This Research Aims to Reveal the Reasons and Solutions of Religious Violence among post graduate Students. In order to achieve the Research objectives the researcher will use the descriptive method, the researchers also will design a questionnaire distributed into many domains. The research will be based on a purposed sample between (40-60) of Post Graduate Students (Master and PHD) from four departments of Sharia faculty, which are: Islamic educational, Al-figh, The religion rooting’s and Islamic economy, for the academic year 2015/2016.

Area of Actions:

Conflict Prevention

Forms of Actions:

ResearchHuman Security