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Shams Ibrahim Alsaby

  • Islam
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Female
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Western Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Shams Alsaby holds a master’s degree in public administration with a minor in non-profit management from the University of Baltimore and is an alumna of the Salam for Cultural Communication Programme. She works at one of the biggest NGOs in Saudi Arabia and worked in the humanitarian field. Shams has a lot of experience in managing projects in media, culture, and marketing with several entities in Saudi and abroad. She is interested in the fields of youth, cultural support, training and development, leadership building, and increasing awareness in the community. She stays active in the promotion of her work in these fields through engaging with youth in those matters, as well as sharing her experiences in public talks and forums.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Meeting 7

A space of Saudis and global to discuss Value between all religions. Through virtual and interactive meetings open to all the world to discuss common values or what it called Human values which means “social and ethical norms common to all cultures and societies as well as religions” such as: forgiveness, freedom, equality, honesty, generosity …etc. All these meetings were held with respectful communication between the different views, so there is no right or wrong it’s just dialogue. Increased the knowledge between individuals about value in cultures and religions and increased global communication.