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Teresita C. Mirafuentes

  • Christianity
  • Philippines
  • Female
  • Philippines
  • South East Asia
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Teresita Cesar Mirafuentes is a faculty of the College Department of Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines, since 2010 and St. Francis Xavier College Seminary since 2003. She has had extensive exposure to community development as an NGO worker before joining academia, and has worked as a consultant to different government and non-government agencies, serving as a community development and training specialist on community organizing, participatory research, gender and development, stress management, group process and organizational development. She is also an affiliate of the Ateneo de Davao University Center of Psychological Extension and Research Services as disaster and war responder debriefing survivors and combatants of conflict.

Teresita finished her undergraduate in psychology, a master’s degree in participatory development under the Canada-Asia Partnership Scholarship Program and master’s in psychology under the College of Information Technology and Computer Science of the University of the Cordilleras Higher Education Development Project Scholarship Program.  She is currently writing her dissertation for doctorateinrural development. She is a registered Psychometrician and plans to pursue clinical psychology with a specialization on family therapy.  As a fulfilled mother of three children in partnership with her husband, she wants to help families be united, strengthened and preserved.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Inter-Religious Dialogue for Health

The initiative will help the government reach out the people through Information, Education and Communications (IEC) Programs. There will be training and planning sessions of the barangay health workers who need assistance for IEC and they will be provided materials like tarpaulin and stickers to disseminate information. Important part of the training is how to dialogue. To address the emerging challenge of the health sector of non-participation of community members to health protocols because of their religious beliefs. The volunteer health workers from the barangay should be trained on how to handle patients of different backgrounds with respect and without prejudice applying the principle of inclusive, justice, dialogue and peace in collaboration with different religious leaders. There will be assessment prior to the implementation to determine the five barangays to be the recipient of the initiative in collaboration with different leaders of both the local government and religious sectors. Part of the qualification criteria is the evidence of religious reasons for the non-participation of members in health protocols.

School Catechists of Virgen de los Remedios Parish Inter-Religious Dialogue Training, Recollection and Sending Forth

The project is training of school catechists of Virgen de los Remedios Parish on inter-religious dialogue. There are 43 out of 50 expected participants who actually attended the training gathering a total of 47 people including the coordinator and the speakers. Part of the training is exposure or visit to three religions existed in Davao City namely: Islam, Hindu and Sikh. The visit is very fruitful and participants are very thankful that they are able to interact with other religion and culture which in their life they never experience. Their experiences during the training become an eye opener for them to understanding other religion and culture and lessen or even eradicate misconceptions and prejudice. Speakers also from other culture deepen their experiences through activities, processing and inputs. Output of the training is coming with a simple doable action plan integrating inter-religious dialogue to be implemented in their respective catechism classes.