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Uzaoku Juliana Williams

Uzaoku Juliana  Williams
  • Christianity
  • Nigeria
  • Female
  • Nigeria
  • Western Africa
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Biography Narrative

Elder Mrs. Uzoaku Juliana Williams is the National President of the Women Wing Christian Council of Nigeria (WOWICCN).
She is the Secretary Directorate of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue for the rePsbyterian Church of Nigeria. Uzoaku is also the UNICEF National Coordinator for End Violence against Children in Nigeria in collaboration with the Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN).
Elder Uzoaku is a member Board of Interfaith Center for Peace and Harmony (ICIPH) situated in Kaduna (jointly run by CCN/JNI in collaboration with WCC/RABIIT Foundation.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Changing the narrative of Religion stereotyping among Religious Women in South West Nigeria
At the end of the workshop certain stereotypes and religious beliefs and common misconceptions were identified and some resolutions were proffered which are hereby released as communiqué: A.  PROBLEMS i.Some gender roles which may be seen as taboos in one religion, may not bee a taboo in the other. ii.It is generally believed that women should not be appointed into political offices as their place is primarily to take care of their homes. .  iii.There is a cultural belief in the South West that in a congregation of up to ten women, there must be a witch. iv.Also identified are some common misconceptions that Yoruba Muslim women live in bondage and are fetish while Yoruba Christians are stingy, v.That Islam has little in common with Christianity and that terrorism can be linked to the Islamic religion.  vi.Women tend to be marginalized  in formal religious spaces vii.There is character assassination and hostility towards founders and this destroys world peace. B. RESOLUTIONS: i.The workshop advocates a positive approach of change to end the ugly narratives through concerted efforts. ii.Women should be encouraged to participate and hold offices in politics because women are known to be patriotic in nature and are great leaders who should be seen as such. iii.There is need to change the religious and social Stereotyping of women because the status quo has changed and is no longer working in the 21century where women are now key participants in the family , economy  education etc. and form a big percentage in every congregation. iv.The workshop condemns the practice of collective blames but encourages in-group leadership whereby religious leaders are expected to speak out against injustice because an injury to one is an injury to another. v.Media coverage and reportage of religious matters should be positive. vi.Mothers are charged to champion the cause of demystifying every ethnic and religious misconception by intensifying their roles as agents of change in other to promote religious tolerance and harmony. vii.Every religious leader is encouraged to teach and preach tolerance and harmony. viii.The participants condemn in all totality the killings, sacking of communities and villages, current rape incidents and every social vice been experience in Nigeria. ix.Finally the workshop advocates “Love against Hate; Empathy against Hostility; Understanding against Grandstanding” and calls for a ‘REBOOT’ of every mind.