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Ven. Scholar Wayua Kiilu

  • Christianity
  • Kenya
  • Female
  • Kenya
  • Middle Africa
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Priest, Anglican Church of Kenya

Scholar has been an ordained priest with the Anglican Church of Kenya since 1999. Being among the first women clergy in the diocese of Machakos, she has raised to a level of an Archdeacon. She has a diploma in theology from Berea Theological College, Kenya, holds a bachelor’s degree in divinity from St. Paul’s University and a master’s in arts in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (ICMR) from St Paul’s University. She is currently a PhD candidate. Scholar is a lecturer at St. Paul’s University with a special interest and dedication to interreligious dialogue, mission and practical theology. She is currently the Coordinator for Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations in Eastleigh and has participated in various interreligious forums including workshops, seminars, trainings and conferences (as a participant, facilitator and panellist), both nationally and internationally. She has also been a member of National Multi-Sectoral Forums and has worked with local and national media on the subject of  interreligious and interfaith issues.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Training youths on interreligious dialogue


Young  people have been victims of circumstances in the recent past youths have been and mislead and finally became perpetrators of violent acts in the name of religion hence education in interreligious dialogue will be very crucial Eastleigh is a suburb of Nairobi city located east of central business district and nicknamed “Small Mogadishu’. It is largely dominated by Somali Muslims.


Eastleigh is associated with some violent crimes perpetuated by the youths. Centre for Christian- Muslim relations in Eastleigh (CCMRE) is among the organizations which have engaged with peace building through community dialogue, and so it stands a better place to educate youths in this area.

Why then:

Centre for Christian-Muslim relations in Eastleigh have engaged with religious and community at large but training youths on interreligious dialogue will have great impact and reduce religious animosity and help them not to be mislead anymore