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Yachaou Mamane

  • Islam
  • Niger
  • Male
  • Niger
  • Middle Africa
  • KAICIID Fellows

Biography Narrative

Trainer and Lecturer, Islamic University in Niger and Leader, NGO “Recup”

Yachaou is a consultant in the field of peace and security and is currently leading Recup, an NGO that he founded and which inspires young people in entrepreneurship, employability, peacebuilding, prevention of violent extremism, conflict resolution, the promotion of sustainable peace and security and youth participation in intercultural and interreligious dialogue. He is a human rights defender and teacher at the Islamic University of Niger where he conducts workshops and lectures on interreligious dialogue. He has created many inspiring initiatives for youth in his native Niger and in the wider world through his participation in international events. He has experience in the eradication of hate speech, youth advocacy and the promotion of tolerance and peace between religions and ‘cousin in jest’ between ethnics. He graduated in agricultural economics and specialised in food security from China Agricultural University in Beijing. He is a 2015 Fellow of UNAOC, member of iDove (Interfaith Dialogue On Violent Extremism) and 2018 Fellow of Leaders Africa (the Obama Foundation). He speaks French, Arabic, English, Chinese and his native Hausa.

Interreligious Activities and Initiatives

Empowering religious leaders with skills in interreligious dialogue for promoting mutual understanding and social cohesion in their communities.
Linking violence and terrorism to any religion by members of other religions, imposes promoting interreligious dialogue. From conferences and workshops that I have conducted for religious students of the Islamic University and Christian schools in Niger, I found that young religious students: – Have misunderstanding of the definition and the concept of IRD; – Have the fear to talk about or conduct the IRD in their communities; – Do not learn the IRD at schools and most of them have no information about it. The project is a three-day initiative and it intends to bring together twenty (20) male and female students from the Islamic University, which accommodates students from more than 13 African countries, and Christian schools in Niamey to conduct interreligious dialogue between them, empower them with knowledge and skills in IRD and engage them in promoting IRD as a way to increase social coexistence and build peace within their different communities particularly in West Africa. The participants will learn among others the Identity and acceptance of difference, the role of religious leaders in peacebuilding and social cohesion, the role of social media in IRD and the IRD in Preventing Violent Extremism. Furthermore, the trainees will have the opportunity to hold an IRD between them and a community service at an orphanage as a way to re-humanize each other and begin to use and reinforce the network they create through this training.