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    Promising Practices Form

    To answer the questions Who, Where, When, Why, How. Describe the activity and its use and aim shortly in generic terms. This should give the user a quick overview and initial information for them to decide whether this practice can prove helpful.

    This section elaborates on the activity, who it is targeting, how it is done exactly and how it is structured in terms of time frame and sub-activities, in case there are any. Also state what and who is needed to conduct it successfully.

    In this paragraph, please describe a rationale of why this practice is a promising one. That is to say: what does it aim at, what is its impact and which groups/areas/problems does it focus on. This also includes why such a practice has been conducted, why it is considered promising and where it can be applied for what reason. If it has achieved its aims, please describe how this was successfully done and how the success has been measured.

    Here, the practice can be linked back to its context. Give a summary of the context in which it has been conducted and the organisation/individual conducting it. This section offers specific information on the promising practice as it has been concretely realised. If the same practice has been conducted by several individuals/organisations, their names will be stated in this section, too, together with a short description of how the practice was realised in the respective cases.
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