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Founding Document of the Interreligious Platform for Dialogue and Cooperation in the Arab World

High Level Religious Leaders & Heads of Religious Institutions participating at the High Level Meeting Interreligious Dialogue for Peace: Promoting Peaceful Coexistence & Common Citizenship 25 Feb, 2018

We, the leaders and religious institutions from all over the Arab world, gathered at the invitation of the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID), in our belief and awareness of:

  • The painful events that the Arab world has been experiencing for two decades have given rise to real threats to the diversity of the social fabric. Furthermore, these events are an actual threat to coexistence and cohesion among the religious and ethnic components of the region.
  • The importance of the role of religious leaders and institutions as well as stakeholders who engage in dialogue in fostering social cohesion, coexistence and a culture of citizenship which nurtures pluralism and diversity.
  • The urgent need for a regional mechanism to coordinate efforts, develop action strategies and programs that promote a culture of dialogue and a moderate religious discourse which advocates coexistence and openness and instils values ​​of pluralism and diversity.
  • The importance of reviving and employing the legacy of fraternalism and peaceful coexistence among followers of religions and cultures in the region.
  • The need to guarantee the fundamental rights and dignity of human beings, regardless of their religious, cultural and ethnic affiliation.

To achieve these goals we – God willing – are determined to:

  • Do our utmost to spare our communities the scourge of war and violence, especially the violence committed in the name of religion and to protect them from the dangers of fanaticism, extremism and religious ostracism, while instilling the values ​​of dialogue and peaceful coexistence and affirming the foundations of common citizenship.
  • Unite our efforts to achieve our common goals and contribute effectively to face the current challenges and consolidate social peace and cohesion in the region.
  • Work together to enhance moderation and understanding between peoples and social segments through a deep, meaningful and sincere dialogue based on the willingness to coexist and collaborate.
  • Synergize our efforts to foster an inclusive environment for religious, ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • For this purpose, we are forming a formal body for cooperation whereby it will be the umbrella for implementation and effective collaboration under the supervision of KAICIID, to design and implement programmes and projects aiming at:
  • Enhancing the communication amongst religious leaders and institutions as well as stakeholders who engage in dialogue and coordinating the efforts to stand up to the challenges facing the Arab societies.
  • Strengthening the relationship between religious leaders and institutions and policy makers at the national, regional and international levels to achieve the humanitarian objectives contained in this document.
  • Developing action plans and specific programs that contribute to fostering peaceful coexistence and enhancing a shared citizenship at both the local and regional levels.
  • Providing religious leaders, their institutions and stakeholders who engage in dialogue with all that is necessary to promote dialogue amongst their communities and strengthen their capacities and performance to fulfil their mission.

Founding Document of the Interreligious Platform for Dialogue and Cooperation in the Arab World