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Interfaith Calendars

The Interfaith Calendars resource is an online tool that provides links to selected interfaith calendars.

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Interreligious Calendar by the Ministry of Labor, Integration and Social Affairs of North-Rhine-Westphalia (Interreligiöser Kalender)

The calendar produced by The Ministry of Labor, Integration and Social Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia provides an overview of the festivals and feasts of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Alevites, Bahá’í, Buddhists, Hindus and ancient Oriental Christians,. It also gives explanations of the festivals and why the different religions celebrate these festivals.  It is available for download in pdf and electronic format and in German language only.

Interreligiöser Kalender Ministerium für Kinder, Familie, Flüchtlinge und Integration des Landes NRW