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Youth Network for African Integration

Réseau de Jeunes pour l'Intégration Africaine

Promote African integration and diversity in an intercultural interreligious, interethnic, and international dynamics.

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Youth Wing Christian Association of Nigeria

Maintain peaceful and constructive advocacy in identified area, particularly as it affects the youths.

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Youth’s Christian Association

Asociaci�n Cristiana de J�venes

The YMCA aims to lead in the country the promotion of young volunteering and to be recognized nationally and internationally as a forging entity of leaders for the transformation and extension of the Kingdom.

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Zanzibar Interfaith Centre

Build relationships of peace across religious, political, gender and socio-economic divisions.

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ZIID Zurich Institute for Interreligious Dialogue

ZIID Zürcher Institut für interreligiösen Dialog

Promote knowledge about religions in order to facilitate the interreligious dialogue in a multicultural society; provide a place to learn with and from each other; advocate learning and knowledge in order to dispel prejudice and make room for understanding and appreciation to thrive, which in turn constitutes opportunities for the acceptance of differences.

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